Gemaelde alter Meister

Victor Marais-Milton- Cardinal reading a paper


Ludovico Marchetti En Garde
Ludovico Marchetti- Baci Ball
Leon Perrault Three girls in the sewing room
Leon Perrault-Away from home
Pierre Freancoise Buchard- Pensive Moment
Gustave Leonard Jonge-Afternoon repose
Emile Munier-May i have one too
Emile Munier-Essai de leau
Alfred Gouillu-Morning Bouquet
Emile Munier-A special moment
Joseph Caraud-Midday stroll
Leon Girardet-Le poet





Georges Lauge -A l’approche du grain
Fritz Zuhber Buhler-Innocence
Louis Marie de Schryver Woman Buying flowers at a market
Leon Jean Bazile Perrault-Sleaping Putto
Leon Jean Bazile Perrault-A beautiful reflection
Edouard Toudouze-The costume ball
Daniel Ridgway Knight-The seving circle


Charles Edourad Delort The welcome visitor Bazile itorBazile

rt The welcome visitor


Andrien Moreau-Une mascade au XVII siede
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